Couch to 5K – Week 1 Day 2

Today’s run felt pretty good again. I thought I had the treadmill figured out, I created a Life Fitness account so that I could login and save the information easier. I completed the main workout, got to the cooldown and technology beat me again. Hitting the ‘Cool down’ button on a Life Fitness  treadmill is great, it triggers a 5 minute cool down that steps the speed down as well, unless you hit the button twice. As soon as you hit ‘Cool down’ the button changes and becomes ‘End workout’, not good user interface design. Needless to say, I hit the button twice and came to screaching halt. I had to log back into the treadmill and record my cool down as a separate workout. Details of both segments are included.

  • Main – 209 cal / 1.93 mi / 25:04 Min
  • Cool down – 18 cal / 0.18 mi / 5:18 Min